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A "Peek" at the Ross Collection

The following pages illustrate only a tiny fraction of the Ross Collection, which now contains nearly 10,000 copper and steel printing plates for images of all topics (and is still growing all the while !) From this amazing archive, around half the plates are presently "in print" and available as the current Thomas Ross range, known to the trade and illustrated comprehensively online www.rosscollection.co.uk Further subjects may be available to special order, and it is always worth enquiring if you have an unusual requirement, and don't see what you need in the Ross catalogue. From time to time, new plates are added to the Collection, old plates aquired, and plates brought into the current range that have "rested in the archive" for many years. See our New Releases page for details. To find out what is selling strongly at the moment, check our "Top 100" page, the "Hit Parade" for hand crafted art !
Please choose from the categories below, each presents a small selection of prints on that topic
New Releases ! The Sportsmans Choice
The Designers Choice Steam and Sail
The Animal Kingdom Field and Stream
Views and Landscapes The Art of Portraits
Trades and Professions Food and Drink
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